You Don't Know Me by Bob Swerer
Bob Swerer
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you don't know me by Bob Swerer
If you like the narrators voice from "Alone in the Wilderness" you will enjoy his smooth singing voice.
"you don't know me" by Bob Swerer
1. Just a Little Lovin' 2:43 Just a Little Lovin'
2. Here Comes Heaven 2:10 Just a Little Lovin'
3. I Think It's Best To Forget Me 2:17 Just a Little Lovin'
4. There She Goes 2:38  
5. You Don't Know Me 2:35  
6. Today I Started Lovin' You Again 2:39  
7. Lonely Again 2:47  
8. Too Many Rivers To Cross 2:25  
9. Cattle Call 2:33 Just a Little Lovin'
10. Fool For Your Love 3:22  
11. Misty Blue 1:59  
12. What's He Doin' In My World 2:01  
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