the Mardy Murie Story, by Charles Craighead & Bonnie Kreps
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Arctic Dance
The Mardy Murie Story
by Charles Craighead & Bonnie Kreps
Simply put, Mardy Murie is a national treasure. Her life has made a certain kind of life possible for the rest of us. Generations to come will feel her imprint, though they may not know it was how she lived her life that allowed them to witness some of the last wild places on Earth. They may not know that it is because of her life that their souls and spirits can be fed by what is natural and wild.
- Robert Redford
Two in the Far North
An American Wilderness Classic
by Margaret E. Murie
'Having been the basis of all our sophisticated society, doesn't wilderness itself have a right to live on?' This question, which Mardy Murie formed in her youth in Alaska and put formally to the United States Congress in her seventies, will ring on for as long as there is wilderness to ask about.
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